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The ultimate medical tracker

Vytal also allows the user to track any medical number of their choice; weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, or even anything arbitrary that can be expressed with numbers. It then keeps records and draws graphs.

The best way to manage your and your family’s health.

Vytal keeps track of the medications, appointments, medical contacts, documents and vital metrics for you and your entire family.

The ultimate medical almanac.

Vytal is designed to be the one and only place for all of the user’s medical data. Doctor’s appointments, vaccination dates and medication for the entire family are all kept in a beautifully designed schedule.

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TLC Engine

Every property search needs a little tlc.

TLCengine is a property search engine, which introduces a new metric; Total Lifestyle Cost, or TLC. You can now see beforehand exactly how much living in a particular property will cost you each month, from mortgage repayments and commuting to lawn care and cable packages.

Dive deep into the decisions.

Much like all property search products, the interface is very heavy on forms, which have to be easily understood. The clean and airy mobile design helps make only one decision at a time.

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Play Nice

Play Nice is a new age of dating application that allows you to play safe and private. The application built with the feature of inviting a person to sign a short confidentiality agreement to Play Nice that limits both the parties from harming each other.

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Fine Painting

Fine Painting, a company engaged into offering Painting services to Residential, Businesses & Governments. Their crew management, tracking and billing functions are extremely dynamic which considers so many factors like climate, location, time etc. Apparently, the crew invoicing/billing was a challenge, we developed an Enterprise application for the company that allows their crew to lo in using their phone remotely once they reach the site and the app extracts the information like climate, location, time etc based on Geo Location feature. At the end of the shift once the crew signed out, the application calculates the entire billing based on the defined metrics. The application has brought automation billing and invoicing cycle within the environment.